Navman MOVE120M Map Update

Navman MOVE 120M Map Update

Navman MOVE120M is such a GPS device that can assertively map the most changeable geological coordinates of the address location and other points-of-interest users travel most often. Likewise, one can also calculate the routes of the selected destinations with the features contained within the most compatible Navman MOVE120M update.

But, many of the existing MOVE120M users are indecisive at times they prepare their minds for updating their devices. Before we discuss the steps to download the GPS map updates that are compatible with the corresponding Navman model, let’s throw some light on the process of mounting this device on the windshield side of your vehicle: –

Mounting the Navman MOVE120M device on the windshield side

At times you decide to mount the Navman’s device onto the windshield side, it is necessary to adhere to all the driving guidelines governing the place. Such guidelines include placement of your GPS gadget near the window area, cosmetic concerns for the outlet pug and other wires and so on. 

If you are allowed to mount your MOVE120M device as per your city’s regulations, then you are free to implement the mentioned-below steps on a real-time basis: –

  • Select a region with a view to the sky and GPS satellites. 
  • Dry the mounting region by cleaning it spotlessly. 
  • Evacuate the suction cup defensive film to avoid any geological hindrances. 
  • Modify the edges of the mount (that are adjustable enough) with the help of thumbscrews. 
  • Pull the suction cup switch up to discharge the suction. 
  • Attach the power string into the gadget and the vehicle’s power source (most preferably 12-volt). 
  • Slide the gadget onto the mount. 
  • Spot and hold the mount suction cup against the mounting surface. 
  • Put the suction cup switch down until it fits properly. 
  • Change the gadget in such a manner that it tends to be effectively observed and doesn’t hinder the driver’s view.

The steps mentioned above can help you mount Navman’s device at the windshield area of your vehicle (that can be a car, truck and so on). At this point, you might be feeling extremely curious to know the steps for downloading the most compatible Navman MOVE120M Update. For this, read this section carefully: –

Procedure to Update Navman MOVE120M device

Such steps, if performed with much accuracy and precision, can help you update the Navman MOVE120M device in a fraction of minutes. At times you customize the downloaded Navman MOVE120M Update, all you need to do is: –

  • Browse the official website of Navman and do login with your credentials like username and password. In case you have not created your Navman account, create it by entering details like First and Last name, Country and other details.
  • After you login to your account successfully, you must switch on your MOVE120M device and connect it with your laptops via USB cable. Insert the major end of the mini USB cord in the laptop’s slot and the minor one in the device’s slot.
  • Open the Navman application on your laptop. Click the symbol with three vertical lines. From there, spot the Support option and click on it. 
  • Here, you will see a list of options. Click on NavDesk and let the utility synchronize for the available GPS updates for your device. 
  • After this, the utility will ask you the device’s name. Select your device and then, update. Wait for the update to get downloaded. Follow all the necessary on-screen prompts displayed by the installation wizard and keep on clicking next till you reach the End User license agreement step.
  • Read all the terms and conditions of this agreement carefully and hit the I Accept button. Let the wizard install the Navman’s update most compatible with your device.
  • After this process, the installation wizard shows the successful completion of the process. Click on Finish and close the wizard.
  • Eject the USB cable from your Navman MOVE120M unit as well as from your laptop. You may now enjoy the award-winning functionalities of the GPS map update installed at your device.

Steps articulated above can update the Navman MOVE120M device with much ease-of-comfort. Moreover, one can also follow the steps at times your device is mounted at the Windshield area.


Navman’s GPS devices are gaining the utmost popularity among the masses because of the award-winning functionalities the device shows in real-time scenarios. Furthermore, before you decide to mount your Navman device at the windshield area (or any other spot of the vehicle), you must adhere to the driving guidelines governing your locality.

These guidelines not only help you reach your spots and other points-of-interest much safely and securely, but also keep you updated about the modifications governing your city. In case you are interested to know more about the Navman’s devices, don’t spare a moment in visiting out informative web-portals and make your journey memorable.