Navman MOVE100 Update

Navman MOVE 100 Update

Which process should I follow for downloading the Navman MOVE100 Update?

Navman is such a popular GPS company that caters to all our driving needs. Notwithstanding, the most accessible updates of Navman are capable of fuelling your journeys with the utmost joy and pleasure. At times you are not excited to traverse unfavorable routes; the available Navman MOVE100 device is here to offer directional guidelines for traveling long roadways, twists, and turns in lesser time-frames.

All such characteristics must have generated curiosity in your hearts to know about the process that can assertively update MOVE100 Navman (a unit model from the MOVE series) much swiftly and conveniently. But, before we proceed with this process, let’s take a look at its cult-classic specifications praised by Navman’s users the most: –

Specifications (both physical and technical) of MOVE100

The skillful MOVE100 unit model can capably generate the three-dimensional visuals of unfavorable territories with much ease. Let’s throw some light on the specifications that make drivers worry-free if they unexpectedly encounter unfamiliar spots: –


Touch Sensitive Screen

The 5 inches bright and touch-sensitive screen helps the users a lot at times they are in dire need of viewing their paths with much clarity and also with good visibility. Identically, the product dimensions with 86 millimeters in length, 132 millimeters in breadth and 14 millimeters in height allow the users to carry such devices in their pockets with much ease.

Real-time Traffic Warnings

With the driving assistance of the most compatible Navman MOVE100 update, one can get rid of the daily-hustle in clearing the traffic. The reason is that the warnings and alerts generated by the device at real-time congestion let users swipe all the forthcoming hurdles during commutation. Even the traffic alerts update your destination’s routes so that the threat to reach your spots within a favored time slot may no longer loom over your heads.

Sufficient Storage

The Navman MOVE100 device consists of internal memory of four gigabytes which can be expanded later on by inserting the Micro SD card in its memory expansion slot. The expansion slot of the MOVE100 GPS device (of Navman) will help you at times you prefer to download huge map files containing the address information of various streets and other localities of Australia and New Zealand.

Automated Voice Prompts

If you are a die-hard user of Navman, then you will be much more excited while enjoying the benefit of automated voice prompts generated by the MOVE100 GPS device. Such automated voice prompts are the best in assisting various drivers, truckers and other travel enthusiasts at times they are confused with the twists and turns, speed limit and the correct roadway they must adhere to.

The best part of such automated prompts is that you can get your things done without even staring into your unit models. Also, it becomes much easier to avoid mishappenings (that may occur during your trips) as you can maintain the concentration much efficiently and effectively.

Now, you are enlightened with the specifications of the MOVE100 GPS device. Still, curious to know about the process of downloading the most compatible GPS map update on your Navman product? Read the below section carefully for this: – 

Downloading the available Navman MOVE100 Update

If you follow the below mentioned instructions carefully, then you can for sure Update MOVE100 Navman: –

  • At the initial stage, turn on the operating system you use most often (like Windows 7,8,10 and others). Then, unbox the MOVE100 device along with its mini USB cord.
  • The cord consists of two ends- major and minor. Insert the major end at the bottom of your device and a minor one at the leftmost corner of the operating system. Make sure that the internet signals are excellent and the MOVE100 device is working.
  • Now, you have two options – either you can use your Navman account to proceed further with the installation process or use the NavDesk application that can be downloaded from the browsers you use most often. Let’s choose the NavDesk option.
  • Search for the latest version of NavDesk utility which matches your device’s requirements. Download it and double click the same after the utility setup is successfully downloaded.
  • From there, you need to select the device for which you are interested to download the map update. The drop menu will let you select the Navman MOVE100 option. Later, you can click on Next.
  • Keep on clicking next till you acquire a visualized Navman MOVE100 Update (in front of your eyes) as per your device’s compatibility. Hit the Install button so that the update can be downloaded and installed successfully.
  • After the update is installed, click on Finish. Now, eject the USB cord from your device and operating system you are using currently. Do restart your device as you are now free to enjoy the enlisted specifications to brim.


Such installation steps if implemented cautiously may help you hit the roads with utmost confidence and self-esteem. Likewise, such steps can help you frequently update your MOVE100 devices as per your traveling requirements.



Navman models are governing the hearts of its users due to the award-winning functionalities for navigation purposes. Furthermore, the prior instructions are the authentic steps through which a user can easily perform the procedure of downloading and customizing the Navman MOVE100 update. Still, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the installation procedure then do not forget to visit our website/blog to make your doubt clear. We are here to give you the best solutions for your query.